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Weather in Alaska

Alaska is our country's northern most state. It's above Canada and close to the North Pole. The cruise ships visit places with lots of ice and you can take tours which give you the opportunity to go dog-sledding or trek across a glacier. With this said, you would expect it to be very cold in Alaska. It can be, but not really in the May - September Alaska Cruise Season.

Temperatures in Alaska vary based on the time of year and the port or city you are visiting. The weather off the ship is unpredictable but here are the average daily high temperature in Alaska major ports and cities:

Average Temperature

May June July August September
Anchorage 54F 62F 65F 63F 55F
Fairbanks 70F 70F 75F 70F 64F
Denali Park 58F 68F 70F 64F 53F
Juneau 62F 64F 64F 62F 56F
Ketchikan 56F 61F 65F 65F 60F
Skagway 57F 63F 63F 61F 57F
Vancouver 64F 69F 74F 73F 65F

Click Here for a Cool Map of Alaska's Current Weather Conditions

Average Precipitation

May June July August September
Anchorage 0.73 in 1.14 in 1.71 in 2.44 in 2.70 in
Fairbanks 0.61 in 1.37 in 1.87 in 1.96 in 0.95 in
Denali Park 0.80 in 2.31 in 3.23 in 2.89 in 1.59 in
Juneau 3.42 in 3.15 in 4.16 in 5.32 in 6.73 in
Ketchikan 9.20 in 7.30 in 7.30 in 10.60 in 13.80 in
Skagway 1.53 in 1.12 in 1.12 in 2.19 in 4.06 in
Vancouver 2.43 in 1.80 in 1.42 in 1.50 in 2.54 in

Most days are very comfortable, but it's important to be prepared for both cold and warm weather. Pack wisely and dress in layers and you should be able to enjoy Alaska whatever the weather conditions may be.

Click Here for a Cool Map of Alaska's Current Weather Conditions

Current Weather Conditions

Alaska is a big state and weather can vary greatly by region and season. You can see the current weather conditions in major Alaska cities below.

Click Here for a Cool Map of Alaska's Current Weather Conditions

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