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Hurtigruten Cruise Line Health & Safety Protocols

Hurtigruten Cruise Line Health & Safety Protocols

At Hurtigruten, safety always has been, and always will be, the number one priority. With over 127 years of experience, strict procedures have been established for protection against infectious diseases onboard. To ensure all voyages are safe for both guests and crew, a number of new procedures have been introduced, as described below.

Hurtigruten Onboard Safety

You can rest assured that Hurtigruten will always follow national rules and guidelines. Here you will find the extra measures put into place to ensure good infection control onboard:

Hurtigruten Restaurant Safety

Arrangements have been made for more dining sessions so food can be serveed to fewer people at a time, while ensuring the necessary social distancing between guests.

Hurtigruten Cleaning Protocols

Strict cleaning procedures already exist onboard:

These routines give continuous feedback on the effectiveness of cleaning activity, and help develop more and more robust cleaning methods. In addition, Hurtigruten also:

Hurtigruten Excursion Safety

You have the opportunity to go ashore at several places, and the number of people who board and disembark the ship at any given time will be regulated, to control the flow of people getting on and off the ship. Hurtigruten is in close dialogue with excursion suppliers along the Norwegian coast to meet the applicable national guidelines.

Hurtigruten Staff Safety

All staff follow national guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health at all times.

Along the Norwegian coast, land and access to the onshore health service is never far; meanwhile Hurtigruten's expedition ships always have a doctor and at least one assistant nurse as part of the crew. Should there be a case of COVID-19 on board, infection tracking protocols will be immediately carried out, together with the Norwegian authorities.

Hurtigruten Embarkation Safety

Before embarkation, all guests must provide a self-declaration form. On this form, you must,

A medical certificate from a doctor is not required. This self-declaration form is required to allow you to travel with Hurtigruten, and they reserve the right to refuse embarkation for guests with missing or incomplete information. The digital form is sent to you by email 24 hours before departure. If you are not able to fill in the digital form, you will be given a self-declaration form at check in.

Hurtigruten Passenger Safety

A contactless fever scan to record your temperature will be performed before embarkation, and Hurtigruten reserves the right to conduct this procedure at any point during the trip. This is for your own safety and for the safety of others.

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