Alaska Packing List for Women

Ladies, to better help you prepare for your Alaska cruise vacation, here are some guidelines on what to pack. Keep in mind that although Alaska is a more "relaxed" destination, your own taste, interests and activities will determine what you bring. You will need three types of clothing: casual shipboard attire or day wear, comfortable apparel for sightseeing and evening wear.

Ladies Toiletries

____ Blow Dryer
____ Curling Iron or Curlers/Flat Iron
____ Comb/Brush
____ Hair Gel or Mousse
____ Hair Spray (non-aerosol)
____ Shampoo
____ Conditioner
____ Shower Cap
____ Soap/Face Wash
____ Deodorant
____ Perfume
____ Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss/Mouthwash
____ Tweezers
____ Make-up Mirror
____ Make-up and Make-up Bag(list can be endless!)
____ Make-up Remover
____ Cleanser
____ Moisturizer and Freshener
____ Nail Polish and Remover
____ Nail Clippers and File (be sure to pack in checked luggage)
____ Razor and Shaving Cream
Note: Although today's modern cruise ships and hotels have hair dryers, shampoo, and conditioner in the stateroom, please feel free to bring your own if your prefer.

Daytime and Casual Wear

____ Bras (include strapless if needed for evening wear)
____ Undergarments
____ Lingerie, Nightgown, Pajamas, Robe
____ Exercise/walking socks
____ Belts
____ Scarves
____ Gloves and Stocking Cap
____ Walking and Hiking Shoes
____ Walking Sandals
____ Costume Jewelry and Extra Watch
____ Swim Suit
____ Swim Suit Cover-up, Pareo, Sarong
____ Sandals, Thongs, Flip Flops (for onboard by the pool)
____ Workout Clothes and Sports Bra
____ 4 Dresses/outfits for i nformal nights on ship
____ Shorts
____ Tops of All Types (sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved)
____ Capri Pants
____ Slacks
____ Windbreaker Jacket
____ Sweatshirt
____ Raincoat with Hood
____ Waterproof Footwear

Evening Wear

____ 3 Dresses/outfits for formal nights on ship
____ Evening Sweater
____ Evening Jacket/Wrap
____ Belts
____ Evening Bag
____ Evening Shoes
____ Costume Jewelry/Hair Accessories
____ Trouser Socks or Pantyhose
____ Camisole/slip


____ Binoculars (a must!)
____ Sun Glasses
____ Sunscreen, Sun Block
____ Reading Glasses
____ Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Cleaner
____ Business Cards
____ Cell Phone and Cell Phone Charger
____ Mobile Email Address Information
____ Contact Numbers for Lost Credit Cards
____ Prescription Medication, Aspirin, Advil, etc
____ Pocket knife, but pack it with your luggage, not with your carry on
____ Reading Material and Magazines
____ Guidebooks and Maps
____ Journal and Pen
____ Mosquito / Bug Repellent with Deet
____ Collapsible Umbrella
____ Travel Alarm Clock
____ Playing Cards
____ Sewing Kit and Scissors (pack with luggage)
____ Empty collapsible bag for souvenirs

Photography & Electronic Equipment

____ Digital Camera or Traditional Camera
____ Video Camera
____ Zoom Lenses
____ Tripod
____ Extra film or memory card sticks or video tape
____ Extra batteries or battery charger
____ Walkman, MP3 Player, IPod
____ Laptop or PDA - (leave it at home, you're on vacation!)
____ Multi-channel Walkie-Talkies with 3 - 5 mile range to keep up with family on board

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